3 Ways to Market an Impossible Website

As a marketing coordinator in the event production industry, my job is to get my company noticed in a highly competitive niche market where proposals are being compared on a constant basis. Contracts are won and lost. Productions have to be flawless. However, image reigns king in the event production industry and  no one can afford to be the jester in this economy.

How do you market a website that no one cares to visit except for a small professional community of event planners? Why would these event planners trust you over your competition?

It’s quite easy. Don’t look at your company as a boring supplier.  Look at your company as the event planner’s adviser. Consultation and teamwork, the explosive catalysts for a burgeoning partnership. Here are three simple ways to make your client SEE your value.

1. Everything in Moderation…and Style

Many event production firms want to fill every space on their web page  with their most current event.  Event planners gag at the poor choice of basic web design and the impossible navigation menus that lead to frustration not sales. Do they want to work with a company that can’t even clearly sell their services?

2. FLASH! Really, It’s Not That Flashy.

One of the BIGGEST mistakes we make as marketers when producing our event production websites is unleashing our inner creative within and forgoing the importance of SEO. Google can’t read Flash and most of your competition’s sites are Flash based websites. Get creative but keep the “SEO Cap of Rationality”.  A higher SEO rank is more important than rotating chairs on your home page.

3. A Stealth Sub

Sub pages on your website will provide you with the keywords and content needed to generate the information your event planners want to read. Don’t write a diatribe on how customer oriented you are. They want to know if you have a line array system that can support an event of 17,000 people in a large arena, dimensions and all. The more precise your sub pages are the better chance your prospective event planners will get the content they need when the need it.

Hopefully these simple tips inspire you to evolve your marketing strategy for your impossible website.

Stephen Levy (@Stephenflevy)                                                                                                                         Marketing Coordinator with Sight and Sound and Mugwump Productions


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2 Comments on “3 Ways to Market an Impossible Website”

  1. andrew
    June 5, 2010 at 1:19 am #

    So where in florida is an arena for 30,000 people? Production directors want to know what you can and can not do point blank.

    • June 7, 2010 at 2:20 pm #

      Exactly Andrew! That’s why your website and copy need to show the right info to the production directors who are debating whether or not to use your service. As for arenas in Florida, we have the Veteran’s Memorial Arena in Jacksonville, FL that seats around 40,000 and Jacksonville Stadium which is home of the Jaguars NFL team. That massive stadium seats around 70,000 patrons.

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