Welcome to Our New Facebook Page!

The team at Sight & Sound Productions is proud to announce their exciting push into social media!

Elyk Innovations in conjunction with Sight & Sound Productions marketing department has crafted the the most innovative Facebook Page in Northeast Florida. This newly designed page offers an  unmatched level of interactivity that focuses on users’ interests about event production and A/V technology.  More importantly, Sight & Sound’s new page creates a dynamic experience that strengthens its relationship with its clients while being the main hub for social interaction between the customer and the company.

It is vital to explore new channels of media that allow for a more personalized consumer experience. Social networks have exploded within the last year and brought opportunities for event production companies to  efficiently communicate their services on a client to client basis. Sight & Sound’s new Facebook Page is a culmination of ideas that creatively brands its professional image among event planners and hoteliers seeking the very best in event production technology and services.

You can visit the new page by clicking this link http://www.facebook.com/ssavjax or by searching for “Sight and Sound Productions” on Facebook

We would like to thank Chief Innnovator Joe Lemire, Creative Director Brandon Sevestre and their creative team for their outstanding work on Sight & Sound Production’s Facebook Page. If you want to see more of their work go to http://www.elykinnovation.com

Great job guys!

By Stephen Levy (@stephenflevy)

Marketing Coordinator with Sight & Sound and Mugwump Productions (@sightsoundav)


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