Video Production

Creating your perfect event is our goal, but capturing every detail of your event so you can have it to reflect on, is also important.

Sight & Sound Productions offers a variety of video production and digital recording services. We maintain a staff of highly trained cameramen and camera grips together with an inventory that includes a wide range of cameras from top manufacturers.

In addition to these basic elements of video production we also provide blue/green screen kits, studio kits, spider pods, and lighting kits that give our videos that extra professional look. If you have a need for actors and actresses we can help with casting from our talent resources for both onsite talent and voiceovers.

Sight & Sound is also a fully functional production house that can take raw video footage and transform it into a featurette of your event that you will be proud to provide to employees and clients.

Our services include Avid editing, VHS to DVD transfer, DVC to DVD transfer, and Power Point transfers. We use Final Cut Pro so that the final editing is seamless and transparent to the viewer.

Sight & Sound Productions provides the industry’s best video production using the most professional and high-quality recording equipment available. Contact us today to find our more about what our video production team can do for you!

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